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Bite-Sized Review: Brothers


Rated: R

Runtime: 105 mins

Released: December 4, 2009

Brothers his a drama/thriller with many tense moments, tons of raw emotion, romance, fantastic performances by its leads, and a well-written story that demands the viewer’s attention until the end. Tobey Maguire puts on a remarkable performance, easily the best of his career, while Gyllenhaal and Portman are also great. The film explores the mind of a U.S. Marine who has seen things few others have, and the psychological study is simply superb. Brothers is one of the best movies of 2009.


4.5 out of 5

Bite-Sized Review: Like Crazy

LC cover

Like Crazy is an enjoyable and honest romance starring Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones. It is aimed at true love shared by two young people who live very far apart. The film comes off as more natural than scripted, making everything feel genuine. The story line follows the young couple, who meet in the opening scene, and hit it off right away, taking you through their ups and downs over a period of time. The film grabs you and never lets go.

LC 2

Like Crazy is a love story done right, unlike the piles of romantic comedies released each year. It delves deep into a relationship between Jacob and Anna who are clearly in love with each other. It doesn’t hold your hand and tells a good story, one that is engaging and interesting. The cast is great, featuring a stand-up performance by Felicity Jones. The two leads have remarkable on-screen chemistry and a deep emotional connection, making it a joy to watch. Everyone wants to be in love right? Each character feels significant to the story. Although, the two do end up dating different people during the film at one point, and those characters feel unimportant and underdeveloped. The film is well directed and well-told. Like crazy has it’s faults, like I said, the underdevelopment of the two lead’s new lovers, but also the film’s lack of excitement is a bummer. It’s aimed to be melodramatic, but more action or excitement couldn’t have hurt. Overall, with a heap of bad romance flicks on the market, Like Crazy is a story of true love that many will enjoy, despite its minor downfalls.


Duke Nukem Forever Review

Duke Nukem Forever is a poorly executed game. It leans for toward the bad side though to be completely honest. Some of the dialogue is just plain funny, but the voice actors are awful. The graphics are bland mostly, but do show signs of polish. The controls are one of the better parts to the game. The story is boring, as the single player campaign doesn’t have much to offer. The multiplayer component is good, but it’s only one good thing out of many bad things. I do not recommend Duke Nukem Forever. It’s a wannabe. It wishes it was as cool as it’s old family members, but it’s not, by a long shot.




-Graphics are below average
-Occasionally bad frame rate
-Story is bland
-Dialogue is laughable at times
-Gameplay is simple and bare bones

Systems: PS3, 360

2 out of 5