Wade Williams

WW 2

Hello, I’m Wade Williams, a Christ follower, blogger, movie and video game buff, college student and guitar player. I was born and raised in Florida. I write movie reviews at Wade’s Thoughts and also post on my personal blog (Link here). I am currently in college pursuing a degree while also working as a commercial project takeoff estimator. I’m also a part of a growing church plant located in Jacksonville called The Point at St. John’s Park (Twitter: @thepointjax). Wade’s Thoughts is in the business of insightful, unbiased and entertaining movie and game reviews, and that’s what you’ll get here! Go “Like” Wades Thoughts on Facebook and “Follow” on Twitter (@WadesThoughts).


Austin Winkler (Contributor)

Hey, I’m Austin Winkler, a student at USF. My future goals are unknown to me as of right now, but I know God has my back in all I do and He will orchestrate everything for my good. I became a contributer to the site through my reviews on Facebook, but I now post reviews to my tumblr page called The Bottom Line (http://winkler1994.tumblr.com/). My hobbies include social networking, blogging, watching movies, listening to music, playing the drums, the guitar, video gaming, and anything involving water. Any questions I haven’t answered? Be sure to add me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter (@Winkler1994).


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